Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Copyright © 2015
by Ralph F. Couey

We got into Copenhagen around 8 pm, but didn't get into town until after 9, hence I had to shoot in dusk...or at least as dusk as you get that far north in high summer.


Located on the edge of the harbor is a statue of The Little Mermaid.  
The story, originally by Hans Christian Anderson 
was a children's favorite long before the Disney movie.  
The statue was commissioned in 1909 by Carl Jacobsen.  
Sculptor Edvard Eriksen asked ballerina Ellen Price to model, 
but she refused to appear  in the nude.  So Eriksen used her face for 
the head, and his wife, Eline Eriksen, provided the 
model for the body. The statue has been a major tourist attraction,
 although it has been vandalized on several occasions. 
 In each case, the statue has been lovingly and carefully restored.  
As we walked along the Langlinie Promenade
 en route to the statue, Cheryl talked at length 
about how she had heard of the statue, and the story,
 as a young girl, and how she had always wanted to 
come to Copenhagen to see it.  
You can see the absolute delight on her face.

 Amelienborg, the winter home of the Danish Royal Family

The train running between downtown and the airport.


Copyright © 2015
by Ralph F. Couey

 Visitor's center and museum
 Infinity pool leading to Omaha Beach.

 An unknown soldier.  Saw more than a few of these.

A German 88mm gun emplacement above Dog Beaches
at Colleville-sur-Mer.

Looking inland from the beach.  Imagine those hills
full of artillery and automatic weapons.

A commemorative beach sculpture.

Monument to the 1st Infantry Division
better known as "The Big Red One."

Lest we forget.