Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cochise Head Mountain, in the Dos Cabezas Mountains, SE Arizona

The west has given me perspective, a perfect backdrop upon which the musings of a man's mind could range as far as the stars and nebulae that populate the night sky, with thoughts as intimate and personal as the inside of a sleeping bag.

Almost-Dry Lake, near Gunnison, Colorado

Courthouse, Buena Vista, CO

Sunrise, Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Virga

Sunset in Vancouver, BC

Charleston Church at dusk

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

Lobby Garden at the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

Franconia Notch, New Hampshire

Bar Harbor, Maine

When a wave crashes against a rock,
it seems to have lost the battle.
But years hence, the rock will wear away;
and the sea will have won the war.

Martha's Vinyard

They call them "cottages."

Yeah. Right.

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Nassau, Grand Bahamas

Covered Bridge, Connecticut

National Military Cemetary, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Rippin' It Up at Deal's Gap

Photo by Darryl Cannon, Powerhead Productions


"Captain, I believe it to be an intelligent life form. I shall attempt to mind-meld with it."

Country Church, Pennsylvania

Near Town Hill, Pennsylvania

Shenandoah Autumn

Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park

Luzerne Street, Johnstown, PA

Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA

Near Jerome, AZ

Arizona Sunset

Dragoon Mountains, Cochise County, AZ

Allen Street, Tombstone, AZ

"And on the third day, He rose."

Flight 93 Memorial at Sunset

Horseshoe Bend Road

Loyalhanna Creek

Flaming Hillside

Lake Somerset Autumn Sunset